words and water: the great deluge

In the wake of 4th Street Fantasy Con (which I fully intend to blog about in the nearest of near futures), there have been some unexpected life hiccups (or ‘hiccoughs’ if you’d rather). Firstly, my neighbourhood is undergoing unpleasant and much protested construction which involves expanding a two lane road (bordered by giant oaks and two scenic ponds) to a four lane road. My heart has broken a bit every time they butchered one of these grand oaks. I recall coming to visit my grandparents when I was young and making myself a very official looking vest with paper and crayon declaring that I was the single unit “Duck & Turtle Crossing Guard” which subsequently meant that I was dragged from the middle of the road by a series of well-intentioned neighbours for my efforts while helping animals move safely from pond to pond.
Having uprooted all the oaks on “Shady Oak” road, we’re suddenly beset by relentless rains and, in the absence of the trees, both ponds flooded to swallow the road expansion area entirely. I wish they would take this as a sign not to proceed, but they are plodding on and diverting traffic through our U-shaped street and it is a constant parade of noise and construction vehicles. Needless to say, the tiny hellhound has barked ceaselessly at these bellowing behemoths who have neglected to ask her permission before detouring past our house.
I have also had an inundation of ideas and a Special New Project which demand as much attention as I can give. However, my grandparents have had a battery of medical tests this week so I have been pretty much living between car and hospital waiting rooms for the past three days solid. As a result, most of my story is taking shape on napkins, scraps of paper, self-texts and audio clips. This entry is being sandwiched between Grandma’s cardiac rehab and making dinner. Will attempt to get back to it later. For now, I leave pictures of the little hellhound muse being adorable, sleepy, and begging off croissant.IMG_5482



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