Soliloquy Man (Dead Men Tell No Tales) reads my story Musings of a Celestial Cyclops

The second story I ever submitted was for a flash fiction contest on It was October 2013 and I had one submission and one acceptance under my belt. I put my little story out into the internet void and was shocked when, a year later, I found out it won the first annual C.J. Henderson Award from Microhorror. I got a little prize package complete with a bookmark and shotglass from The Stanley Hotel (Stephen King’s famous inspiration for The Shining), a free book, and a trophy with my name and the title of my story. I was pretty excited.

Secondly, I have always liked being read to. All of my family members were avid readers and quite talented at reading aloud (they even did the voices).

Close friends will know that when I’m anxious I like to listen to audio books or have someone read a story out to me. I rarely send off a submission without hearing it in someone else’s voice (although I rarely share writing until it is polished and ready to go). However, I hate reading my own prose aloud. Maybe it’s like listening to your own voice on the answering machine. It just feels weird.

Anyway. I was elated when I found out this existed. Thank you, Soliloquy Man, for a beautiful and chilling rendition of a little piece close to my heart.

Dead Men Tell No Tales reads Musings of a Celestial Cyclops

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