back from the slobbering, grasping void of blog hiatus

Once again I have lapsed on blogging long enough to feel the dread of the Catch Up Post In Which I Cram All The Blog-Worthy Information Into One Cramped Paragraph Before Collapsing In A Heap… Blog ALL THE THINGS!
So I will just list them simply and be done with them. Minimal exposition, since every word I write here is one deficit in the NaNoWriMo bank (a thing which I picture akin to Gringotts. Some people have vaults of jewel-encrusted dragon books, I have a small nest of unhatched plot snippets… *sighs*
I’ve been writing quite seriously (by which I mean at fairly regular intervals with some thought of seriousness as to Eventual Publishing), but it has only been 13 short months since I started Finishing and Submitting. I was fortunate in that the first story I finished- a flash piece called Knave of Crows- was picked up by Kazka Press as part of their Halloween ’13 issue. That was my first acceptance, first paying story, and I still have an uncashed check pinned to my mirror (because sentiment).
I thought ‘heeey. I’m in the middle of 3 novels, 2 novellas and a children’s book. Why don’t I put those on the back shelf awhile and focus on flash and short pieces?’ Which I did, and so far it has gone fairly well.
My second submission was for a contest at with the theme ‘Eye’. I stream-of-consiousnessed a piece entitled Musings of A Celestial Cyclops. One year later the contest has been judged and I was thrilled to be a winner and recipient of the CJ Henderson Memorial Award from Microhorror

Also I my story ‘Dollhouse Abattoir’ was published in Bones 3 from James Ward Kirk and available here

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