moles, blueberries, bevvys & antlers

Unexpected mole rescue! In the midst of taxi-ing peoples around, we happened upon this sweet little guy all disoriented on the sidewalk! At first we thought he was injured but upon closer inspection we saw he was only confused and blinded and probably traumatized from being stuck by the busy road. We let him go in a wooded area as far from cars and people as possible.
Thankfully, all appointments are out of the way and I can now equally divide myself between gardening, writing, cleaning (floody basement needs tons of work) and cooking for the Grandparentals.
It’s been an eat-on-the-go kind of day. So far from Caribou: lemon ginger sparkling pomegranate tea & croissant. Then from local coffee shop: one iced Blue Moon (espresso, white chocolate & blueberry) and half a turkey/apple sandwich. Followed by a raspberry Italian soda (which I’ve turned into a delightful tea sangria with blueberries from the garden). There are so many wicked delicious strawberries growing in my garden! Have been making parfaits, smoothies & my little sister used some with rhubarb from our farmer’s market for a most delicious pie.
I am getting so heavily into the mythology of my Exciting New Project… I splurged and ordered some things on Etsy. I am in the habit of ordering one handmade thing that is relevant to each of my stories (fake hummingbird skull ring for Ivory Parlour, Kraken necklace for Mr.Penderghast/Gma Elspeth stories, etc). Have now ordered vegan cast antler/horns! I am so excited.
This shop is amazing

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