Bones and Bluebeard

Frabjous day! My very first story published in an actual (not ebook only) anthology is here! The Ivory Parlour (included in Bones II by James Ward Kirk Publishing.

Writing this story was a shot in the dark. I'd read about the anthology and played with a few ideas, none of them getting beyond a few lines. Then, halfway through a New Year's Eve party, the idea for this story came rushing into my head and I sequestered myself in the only quiet space in the house and typed all night, finishing in the wee hours of the first morning of 2014. As usual, I was composing at the eleventh hour. The story was due that day so it was a mad rush to edit, format, etc (being new to the submission process).

The story was inspired loosely by Bluebeard (one of my favourite tales), and some osteological oddities I've been researching. The art I found for Bluebeard was staggeringly beautiful and macabre!

JWK responded quite promptly- my story made it into the anthology! It has been a pleasure to work with JWK and I intend to make more submissions in the future. For now I am just absolutely thrilled to be holding the book in my hands!


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