The past month has been a whirlwind of activity for me. Some things good, some not so much. I don’t intend to delve into overly-personal things here at present, but […]

waiting for the tide

As someone who has spent the majority of the last few years living in Minnesota, I don’t believe the novelty of writing outside on rooftops, urban courtyards (decorated with both […]

Dark Heart: Mirrors & Tears

Excitement! Over the weekend I had a birthday for which my loverly little sister Emilie decorated in a hard-core mermaid theme! Menu: coconut shrimp, grilled mango curry chicken, blue corn […]

sharks and omens

So I had the recurrent zombie T-rex nightmare again. Only this time he stuck his whole head in through the garage door, twined his tongue around the leg of my […]

moles, blueberries, bevvys & antlers

Unexpected mole rescue! In the midst of taxi-ing peoples around, we happened upon this sweet little guy all disoriented on the sidewalk! At first we thought he was injured but […]

words and water: the great deluge

In the wake of 4th Street Fantasy Con (which I fully intend to blog about in the nearest of near futures), there have been some unexpected life hiccups (or ‘hiccoughs’ […]